Dan is a Military Veteran and a blue-collar hardworking guy. Like many out-of-state residents, Dan got the call we all dread. His mother needed him to come to their home in Florida to take care of his sick father. Panic-stricken, Dan immediately packed and moved but not before retiring early from his career, shortchanging his pension. Only a short while later, Dan’s father passed. Not long after when his mother wound up in a nursing home the house had to be sold. SEED answered the call for help by emptying out the house to prepare for the sale. Dan was a Senior Citizen by this point and needed a little help himself. While emptying the house, the SEEDlings (our crew) were told about missing money in the event we came across it. Well, we found it, in an old pocketbook belonging to his mother. This was cash Dan needed. After all that time focusing on his parents, he couldn’t focus on how he would make up for lost income and a fraction of his intended retirement plan. Dan wanted to pay it forward but didn’t have a lot to offer, or so he thought. SEED struck up a deal with him to donate his old scooter instead of selling it, helping 2 families instead of one. This is The SEED Way and it’s our way of life. To help as many people as possible, as often as possible.

According to The Employee Benefit Research Institute, nearly half (47%) of current retirees were forced into early retirement. Half of them had to quit because of health problems or disabilities (55%). Another 23% had to take care of their spouse or other family members. Dan’s situation is more common than you think. That’s why we’re always aware of not only the issues that already exist but the ones that are yet to happen.