When you’re married, one of the worst pieces of news you could hear it that your spouse passed away. That’s exactly what happened to a woman we met not long ago. The death of her husband forced her into a change in lifestyle due to the financial hardships associated with his passing. She had no issues living in a trailer but the only one she could afford was riddled with holes. So many that she had to jump over the floor in front of the kitchen sink to get past it. This trailer had 5 large holes in the foundation throughout the space. It was so open you could see the ground beneath. They were a health hazard and prevented the trailer from maintaining a comfortable temperature and safety from Florida wildlife and pests.

Her son-in-law was capable of performing the labor but neither had enough money for the materials. SEED went to work as soon as they heard of this unholy, holey mess. With some negotiation and due diligence, they had new birch wood flooring and plywood donated. Enough materials to do the entire trailer was provided. There are around 135 million houses in America. Surprisingly, 30 million of them have serious health and safety hazards such as gas leaks, damaged plumbing, poor heating, or black mold. Roughly 6 million have significant structural damage. This is because many American families are unable to afford the costly upkeep of homes.  If you can when you can, help those in your community.