Samantha was a teacher scheduled for routine surgery. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except it wasn’t ordinary when she had a problem after surgery. Everything was turned upside down when Samantha was hospitalized far longer than anticipated. Something that could happen to any of us. Due to this Samantha missed enough work that her car was in danger of being repossessed. SEED found out on a Friday that Samantha may no longer have what she needs to continue serving our children once she became well. And that didn’t fly. So Monday the SEEDlings tried negotiating with the bank. With the tow truck literally en route, SEED was able to get 41 donors like you to step up with immediate action. Samantha’s car stayed and shortly after, she recovered. Back to work, she was able to quickly get back on her feet for her family. 

The unexpected can happen at any time and SEED is there to help as many people as possible during these challenging times. Sometimes all people need is a little help and some encouragement to know they aren’t alone, and that their community has their back.