Debbie, a mother of 3, is expecting their 4th child. Her husband, a hardworking mechanic, had a heart attack. An unanticipated travesty ravaged their world. Debbie had come to SEED originally donating baby items to help a single mother struggling with her first child. Debbie’s husband goes back to work against Dr’s orders like many would, in order to provide for a family of soon-to-be 6. He had another heart attack. Now they were broken from medical bills and the inability to work. When SEED offered to purchase items for the baby, Debbie refused, hoping they could weather this storm themselves. Most hardworking families don’t like asking for help or taking it. SEED is not a hand out organization, it’s a lift-me-up so that one day I’ll do better organization. SEED stepped in anyway by promoting her services, paying a few phone bills, and contracting her for a few bigger jobs. Now Debbie had a successful business and didn’t rely on a handout, simply a helping hand.

SEED remains a respectful organization that likes to try and provide help in the way that those in need feel most comfortable receiving it.  1.5 million heart attacks happen in the US alone every year affecting more than 4
million people in the process. Nobody should feel alone during the scary times and as long as SEED can help it, a light will be shed on the darkest of days.