Susan had just given birth to their 6th child. Her husband was gifted at home improvements and earned an honest living. His business was often seasonal and they never missed preparing for that long holiday period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s where business was slow. Sometimes even abysmal. Only this time was different. They ran out of diapers and wipes. SEED swooped in on their Reindeer and was able to provide a month’s supply so they could get back on their feet. After the New Year, her husband was able to return to work. Returning the favor, Susan’s husband helped SEED organize their storage unit. Giving what you can and taking only what you need is a strong foundation to SEEDs philosophy. We believe that by planting good seeds of hope and opportunity that goodness comes full circle. 

1 in 3 families struggles to afford enough diapers which cost nearly $1,000 a year per child on average. 14% of these families struggling are working 2 or more jobs per parent in the household. Changing a diaper less often, to cut costs, leads to painful UTIs and rashes. No baby should go without the essentials and SEED is committed to seeing issues like this solved. Through the kindness and consideration of our communities across the globe, we can make a difference. 

I was recently introduced to the SEED Foundation and they are amazing and kind ❤❤ they helped my family with diapers and gas to get to work ect. they are angels. 🙏🙏 I recommend them to anyone in need of help.

Susan (*name changed to protect privacy)