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How We Got Started

CarlJ Pizzo, the founder of The SEED Foundation became disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis in his 20’s. He soon realized that there was no government support for working people.In order to get any kind of help, he would have to change his way of life. This did not seem right in a country that prides itself on its work ethic. He suffered through many years of traveling to and from work until his body could not do anymore. At that point, the only thing left for him was to live poor enough to collect disability, medicaid, food stamps and government housing. He was forced to live a lifestyle not of his choosing. He saw the way the disabled are treated and started contemplating  the human race, Why was there no unity? Why do people not help others? Researching DNA, he found that we all have 99.9% the same DNA, we are all  human, coming to the conclusion that our similarities should bind us and become more important than our differences. He also researched religions and found that most religions fighting against each other all believe in the “golden rule”.  He came up with The SEED Foundation Unity charm necklace which shows charms from different religions, all believing in the Golden Rule. On a paper scroll he explains each religion’s form of the Golden Rule. Carl’s self debated on “how can we leave the world a better place”, and so our mission began.

Board of Directors

Judy Mastro | The Mastro Corporation | President

Diane Scanniello | 123 Payroll + Notary | Vice President

Ronald Evans | Retired Basketball Referee | Treasurer

John Toll | Discount Auto Tunes | Secretary

Audrey Greco | Retired Barber | Director

Deanna Marie Carpenter | H+R Block | Director

Janine Agugliaro Palkovics | Celebrity Guest Liason | Director

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We’ve been helping families in need since 1992

The vision of The SEED Foundation is to unify communities, to leave this world a better place, to empower our youth to have higher standards and values.

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