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Life can throw you curve balls, and we all need a little help from time to time. The SEED Foundation is here to support working families when times get tough. If you could benefit from assistance or know someone in need fill in the form below.

Food + Household Assistance

We will assist qualifying families in need with household and pantry items such as food, kitchenware, bedding, furniture, toiletries, etc.

Bill Assistance

Temporary assistance with bills like insurance, water, electric, rental assistance for those that have recently lost income.

Diapers + Baby Necessities

Diapers, formula, cribs, car seats, and anything else that new parents may need to help successfully care for their infant. 

Application + Form Assistance

Tax preparation, food stamp applications, insurance, HUD, unemployment, disaster relief forms and Bank/SBA loans

Accessiblity Items + Needs

For those needing extra assistance and access to items like mobility scooters, wheelchairs, vision and hearing equipment, ramps, etc.

Clothing + School Uniforms

Clothing, shoes, and clothing alterations for school-aged children in addition to assistance with school supplies.

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By Submitting this application, you acknowledge that we may require the following: background check, proof of residence, income information such as job, child support or any other sources. Proof of housing expenses such as mortgage statements, rent and/or utilities and bank statements.