Castle of Hearts

Imagine a safe place where kids interact with each other, not via internet devices. Imagine a place that can protect these kids from the outside world, drugs, violence, and sometimes even from their own families. Imagine a magical place where they can safely express themselves, learn, teach, feel, support, and be loved. Now try to imagine that it is right here in our community.

Castle of Hearts has been a dream for too long, and now it is time to make this dream come true, with your help.

 What is Castle of Hearts

 Somewhere within our community, we want to build a castle. A castle that will be the symbol of unity, safety, growth, and pride to every kid that wears its badge. The Castle will be a learning center and a self-sustaining facility that will be a beacon for our youth to become better.

The Castle will open its gates every day from 3 pm – 9 pm and 9 pm- 6 pm on the weekends, and will welcome kids of all ages. With a respectable and experienced education board, Castle of Hearts will build a curriculum that will teach kids to be sensitive and caring and will open their hearts to the possibilities that are out there for them.

 Classes of art, dance, sport, business, yoga and meditation, computers, homework assistance, and much more will be available for the kids to choose. And they can choose what they want to learn and how they want to grow.

Castle of Hearts will have room for everybody. The Castle will charge a small weekly fee based on the family income, starting from $50 a week. No matter the level of income, we want to make sure that everyone can get in. And we know that sometimes we will wave that fee altogether.

 Is your heart in the right place

 We understand that this dream is bigger than all of us, and it will require all of us to commit to that kind of a goal. We are on a mission to save our youth, and the rewards will be immeasurable. Just imagine if we helped one child that came from a broken family to become a better person. 

Years later, this child will have a family and raise a new generation on these values, breaking the cycle and fulfilling his/her potential. The huge impact that we can have on our youth will generate waves all around the world, and we genuinely believe that in a few years, you will see Castles of Hearts in every city.

 If you build it, they will come

 Our vision for the future is taking us far beyond helping just the kids in our community. It is after all the Castle of all hearts, all ages, and races. Every natural evolution is based on learning from our past. Our community has respected seniors and veterans that have a lifetime’s worth experience as doctors, teachers, business owners, and rich stories.

Sadly, those seniors need our help too. Some of them are lonely, can’t find work to support their basic living expenses, and it’s only because our society has forgotten them.

After careful monitoring and proper screening, the Castle of Hearts ground can afford housing in exchange for services such as cooking, gardening, security (for veterans), teaching, administration, etc.

This way, the Castle can support itself, grow, and be the beacon of hope for all hearts.

 Plant the SEED

 There is no limit to the extent of this project, and we see interest and volunteering spirit with everyone that comes to hear about the foundation.

The Castle will have its own school bus for student transportation, guest speakers or artists, host charity events, art shows by the kids, sports events, night dorms, mess hall, and much more. Every contribution, whether it’s with money or human resources, will be one step closer to creating something bigger than us, that hopefully will stand tall for generations to come.

The Castle of Hearts Project

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